Commission Members

The Commission is made up of a wide range of researchers, finance experts from both public and private sectors, leaders of city networks and over 20 mayors from cities in high-income, emerging and developing countries.

Commission Members
Current & Former Mayors
Public and Private Experts


  • Anne Hidalgo

    Anne Hidalgo

    Mayor, Paris

  • Eduardo Paes

    Eduardo Paes

    Mayor, Rio de Janeiro

  • Jeffrey Sachs

    Jeffrey Sachs

    President, Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN)


  • Picture of Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr

    Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr

    Mayor, Freetown, Sierra Leone

  • Picture of Justin Bibb

    Justin Bibb

    Mayor, Cleveland, USA

  • Picture of Sally Capp

    Sally Capp

    Mayor, Melbourne, Australia (invited)

  • Picture of Ekrem İmamoğlu

    Ekrem İmamoğlu

    Mayor, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Picture of Atiqul Islam

    Atiqul Islam

    Mayor, Dhaka North City Corporation, Bangladesh

  • Picture of Daniella Levine-Cava

    Daniella Levine-Cava

    Mayor, Miami Dade County, USA

  • Picture of Claudio Orrego

    Claudio Orrego

    Governor, Metropolitan Region, Santiago, Chile

  • Picture of Marvin Rees

    Marvin Rees

    Mayor, Bristol, UK

  • Picture of Horacio Rodriguez Larreta

    Horacio Rodriguez Larreta

    Mayor, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Picture of Guiseppe Sala

    Guiseppe Sala

    Mayor, Milan, Italy

  • Picture of Mohammed Sefiani

    Mohammed Sefiani

    Mayor, Chefchaouen, Morocco

Public/Private Experts

  • Picture of David Albertani

    David Albertani

    CEO, Catalytic Finance Foundation

  • Picture of James Alexander

    James Alexander

    CEO, UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association

  • Picture of Frederik Audras

    Frederik Audras

    Head of the Urban Development, Planning and Housing Department, AFD

  • Picture of Donnel Baird

    Donnel Baird

    CEO, BlocPower

  • Picture of Kathy Baughman McLeod

    Kathy Baughman McLeod

    CEO, Resilience for All

  • Picture of Inge Beie

    Inge Beie

    Head, Urban Climate Action, GIZ

  • Picture of Eric Berglof

    Eric Berglof

    Chief Economist, Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

  • Picture of Eugenie Birch

    Eugenie Birch

    Nussdorf Professor and co-Director, Penn Institute for Urban Research University of Pennsylvania

  • Picture of William Burke-White

    William Burke-White

    Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania

  • Picture of Angel Cardenas

    Angel Cardenas

    Director, Urban Development, Water and Creative Economies, CAF

  • Picture of Alice Charles

    Alice Charles

    Director, Cities, Planning, and Design, Arup

  • Picture of Isabelle Chatry

    Isabelle Chatry

    Head of Unit - OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions & Cities, OECD

  • Picture of Kevin Chika Urama

    Kevin Chika Urama

    Chief Economist, African Development Bank

  • Picture of Greg Clark

    Greg Clark

    Chair, Cites Committee for Climate Investment

  • Picture of Françoise d’Estais

    Françoise d’Estais

    Chief, Finance Unit, Energy, Technology and Climate Branch, UNEP

  • Picture of María del Pilar Garrido

    María del Pilar Garrido

    Director, Development Corporation, OECD

  • Picture of Vito Dellerba

    Vito Dellerba

    Managing Director, Strategy & Sustainability, Otera Capital

  • Picture of Hazem Galal

    Hazem Galal

    Global Partner for Cities and Local Governments, PwC

  • Picture of Jorge Gastelumendi

    Jorge Gastelumendi

    Interim Director, Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center

  • Picture of Nicolas Gharbi

    Nicolas Gharbi

    Advisor to the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Spanish Presidency, Council of the Europe

  • Picture of Sharon Gil

    Sharon Gil

    Programme Manager, Cities Unit, U.N. Environmental Programme

  • Picture of Cristina Gómez Garcia-Reyes

    Cristina Gómez Garcia-Reyes

    Lead, Urban Nature-Based Solutions, World Economic Forum

  • Picture of Boo Hock Khoo

    Boo Hock Khoo

    Chair, Green Guarantee Company

  • Picture of Naoko Ishii

    Naoko Ishii

    Executive Vice President, University of Tokyo

  • Picture of David Jackson

    David Jackson

    Director, Local Development Finance, UNCDF

  • Picture of Lamia Kamal-Chaoui

    Lamia Kamal-Chaoui

    Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Cities and Regions (CFE), OECD

  • Picture of Kamelia Kemileva

    Kamelia Kemileva

    Co-Directrice, Global Cities Hub

  • Picture of Adama Mariko

    Adama Mariko

    Secretary General, Finance in Common

  • Picture of Michal Mylnr

    Michal Mylnr

    Acting Executive Director, UN-Habitat

  • Picture of Priscilla Negreiros

    Priscilla Negreiros

    Manager, City Climate Leadership Alliance (CCFLA), Climate Policy Initiative

  • Picture of Lasitha Perera

    Lasitha Perera

    CEO, Green Guarantee Company

  • Picture of Jaime Pumarejo Heins

    Jaime Pumarejo Heins

    Executive Director, Breathe Cities

  • Picture of Aromar Revi

    Aromar Revi

    Director, Indian Institute for Urban Settlements, IPCC lead author

  • Picture of Rémy Rioux

    Rémy Rioux

    President, Agence Française de Développement (AFD)

  • Picture of Debra Roberts

    Debra Roberts

    Professor Willem Schermerhorn Chair in Open Science from a Majority World Perspective Faculty of Geo-Information Science, University of Twente

  • Picture of Gregor Robertson

    Gregor Robertson

    EVP of Strategy and Partnerships, Nexii; Global Ambassador, Global Covenant of Mayors; former Mayor, Vancouver, Canada

  • Picture of Mauricio Rodas

    Mauricio Rodas

    Visiting Fellow, Penn Institute for Urban Research, University of Pennsylvania; Former Mayor, Quito, Ecuador

  • Picture of Mark Rosenberg

    Mark Rosenberg

    Principal, MHR Fund Management LLC

  • Picture of Paul Smoke

    Paul Smoke

    Professor, Public Finance, Wagner School, New York University

  • Picture of Felicity Spors

    Felicity Spors

    Senior Director Sustainable Finance and Innovation, Gold Standard Foundation

  • Picture of Daniel Stander

    Daniel Stander

    Special Advisor, UNDP, and Deputy Chair of the Board of the Resilient Cities Network, UNDP and Resilient Cities Network

  • Picture of Fernando Straface

    Fernando Straface

    Secretary General for International Affairs, City of Buenos Aires

  • Picture of Josué Tanaka

    Josué Tanaka

    Visiting Professor of Practice, Grantham Institute, LSE; Principal Finance Advisor, C40, former Managing Director, ERBD

  • Picture of Bella Tonkonogy

    Bella Tonkonogy

    Director, U.S. Office, Climate Policy Initiative

  • Myrium Touhame Kadiri

    Programme Director, Energy Branch, Economy Division, UNEP

  • Picture of Sameh Wahba

    Sameh Wahba

    Regional Director for Sustainable Development, Europe and Central Asia, World Bank

  • Picture of Nicholas You

    Nicholas You

    Director, Guangzhou Institute of Innovation

City Networks and Coalitions

  • Picture of Cristel Bourbon-Seclet

    Cristel Bourbon-Seclet

    Director of City Finance Programme, C40

  • Picture of Andrew Deacon

    Andrew Deacon

    Managing Director, Global Covenant of Mayors

  • Picture of Andrea Fernandez

    Andrea Fernandez

    Managing Director of Climate Finance, Knowledge, and Partnerships, C40

  • Picture of Emilia Saiz

    Emilia Saiz

    Secretary General, UCLG

  • Picture of Lauren Sorkin

    Lauren Sorkin

    Director, Resilience Cities Network

  • Picture of Gino van Begin

    Gino van Begin

    Executive Director, ICLEI

  • Picture of Rogier van den Berg

    Rogier van den Berg

    Global Director for Sustainable Cities, WRI

  • Picture of Mark Watts

    Mark Watts

    Executive Director, C40

Research Observers

  • Picture of Alison Ahern

    Alison Ahern

    Consultant for Resilience Investments, Resilient Cities Network

  • Picture of Aziza Akhmouch

    Aziza Akhmouch

    Head of Division on Cities, Urban Policies and Sustainable Development, OECD

  • Picture of Andrew Altman

    Andrew Altman

    Founder and Principal, Five Square Development

  • Picture of Lena Hutfils

    Lena Hutfils

    Advisor, Leading Urban Climate Action (LUCA), GIZ

  • Picture of Guillaume LaFortune

    Guillaume LaFortune

    Vice President and Head of Paris Office, SDSN

  • Picture of Gregoire Merrheim

    Gregoire Merrheim

    City of Paris, France

  • Picture of Lucas Padilha

    Lucas Padilha

    Chairman of the Mayor of Rio G20 Organizing Committee, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Communication and Advocacy Experts

  • Picture of Alyson (Marks) Fraser

    Alyson (Marks) Fraser

    Head of Communications and External Relations, SDSN

  • Picture of Amanda Lloyd

    Amanda Lloyd

    Program Director, Global Research Initiatives, Penn Institute for Urban Research

  • Picture of Megan Schmidgal

    Megan Schmidgal

    Director of Communications & Publications, Penn Institute for Urban Research